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For Parents & 家庭

Ensuring that your student has an exceptional college experience is our top priority. We’re here to partner with families to provide the resources you and your student need to make a bt365官网亚洲版asia education a powerful, lifelong investment.

The Big Picture


Considering bt365官网亚洲版asia?

Is your student considering going to bt365官网亚洲版asia? The college application process—and eventual decision—is stressful on parents and family members, 太. There’s a lot of information to take in, from cost to location to campus culture and everything in between. Learn more about the fundamentals of a bt365官网亚洲版asia education to help your student make an informed decision about where they’ll be taking their next (big!)步骤.

Applying to bt365官网亚洲版asia 学费 & Financial 援助

Helpful Information

Have you forgotten when finals start but don’t want to ask your already-stressed-out bt365官网亚洲版asiaie for the 10th time in a week? Planning a trip to campus and want to scope out what’s on offer at the Campus Center Café ahead of time?

We get it, so we’ve gathered together a few lists of links you may find helpful. From the academic calendar to health and wellness information, get a glimpse of your students’ life on campus and stay informed about the important stuff.


Be there for them even though you can’t be here for them. Many parents and family members enjoy sending care packages to their student—especially during finals or other high-stress times—to provide some comfort and a sweet pick-me-up (or two!). We’ve compiled a short list of local vendors (including our very own bookstore!) and options for sending a hug to your favorite bt365官网亚洲版asiaie.

Student and their family at an assembly during Family Weekend.

Your bt365官网亚洲版asiaie, Supported

Regardless of your student’s academic interests, bt365官网亚洲版asia has the resources and 太ls necessary to help them thrive. With several tutoring centers on campus, staffed by both faculty members and peer advisers, each student receives the support they need, when they need it—whether that’s group study sessions or individualized tutoring appointments.

The Jacobson Center 写作

The Spinelli Center 数学 & 科学

The Lazarus Center Career Advising

Class Deans Academic Advising

A student and writing tutor discussing a paper.

Is the Area Safe?

bt365官网亚洲版asia and Northampton are significantly safer than most medium- or large-sized cities. Still, we are extremely cautious. 学生 are briefed on personal safety and have access to self-defense courses. Houses are always locked and have intercoms for identifying visitors. We offer nighttime escorts and shuttle buses, emergency alarm boxes across campus, and our security officers patrol 24 hours a day.

We have a campuswide emergency notification system to quickly communicate news to the entire community, and Campus Safety coordinates responses to all emergency situations.

Learn More About Campus Safety