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Hello, bt365官网亚洲版asiaies! You're here to learn, explore, find your voice and discover your best self. And we’re here to help. Make the most of your college experience by getting the resources and support you need. We’ve got you covered.


First Tuesdays

Next event: Tuesday, November 7
Calling all campus community members! Sponsored by the Office of the President, join your colleagues and peers in the Julia McWilliams Child ’34 校园中心 on the first Tuesday of every month from 8:30–9:30 a.m. for coffee, donuts, and a chance to catch up on happenings around the campus. Bring a friend from your own department or house, or meet a new one.



Whether you’re stumped by a calculus problem, need help crafting an essay, or want to land the perfect summer internship, we’ve got you covered. Individual appointments or group tutoring sessions can help you thrive.

的 Jacobson Center 写作

的 Spinelli Center 数学 & 科学

的 Lazarus Center Career Advising

类院长 Academic Advising

You Belong Here


bt365官网亚洲版asia, we’re committed to creating and fostering an inclusive, accessible campus and community for each and every student (and faculty and staff member!). 的 Office of Equity and 包容 has a host of resources, 倡议, and support networks to ensure each voice is heard, 有价值的, 和尊重.

Major Initiatives

Financial Resources for You


的 one-stop (free) shop for everyday necessities that bt365官网亚洲版asiaies may need. If you need a new winter jacket, toiletries, laundry supplies, or more, visit us. Stop by the student-run hub in the 校园中心 or order online.


Emergency Grants

In certain circumstances, emergency funding is available to students from the Dean of the College. Apply for help with purchasing textbooks, airfare, medical care, and more.

Two dining hall student workers.

Work On Campus

Looking for an on-campus job? Working at a job or an internship provides experience and security and supports the campus and nearby communities. A range of positions are typically available—work in your house’s dining hall, create TikToks for College Relations, or sell tickets to theatergoers at Mendenhall.

See Who’s Hiring

Two-Stop Shopping

bt365官网亚洲版asia Computer Store, located in Stoddard Hall 202, has everything imaginable for your electronics needs—from new MacBooks and iPads to the smallest cables and adapters, we’ve got you covered. If it’s bt365官网亚洲版asia-branded clothing or accessories (or just some on-campus staples!) you’re after, stop by the 书店 at 8–10 Green Street. At either location, a valid bt365官网亚洲版asia ID will get students, faculty, and staff members various discounts.